Respiratory Management Products

SAM Medical respiratory management products are engineered to treat open chest wounds. These injuries can be a life-threatening situation that could lead to tension pneumothorax. Tension pneumothorax most commonly occurs in people who have experienced a penetrating chest injury such as with gunshot wounds, stab wounds, or fragment wounds. Tension pneumothorax is a preventable cause of death on the battlefield as well as in civilians.

Quick action often makes the difference between life and death—our respiratory care supplies facilitate prompt, stabilizing treatment. The SAM chest seal acts as a temporary treatment for patients until they reach the hospital or other location for medical treatment.

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Chest Seal

The SAM® Chest Seal Product Family is comprised of sterile dressings used to provide emergency treatment for open chest wounds. Chest seals provide an air-tight and water-tight seal around the open chest wound in order to convert an open pneumothorax into a closed pneumothorax. The one-way valve only allows air and fluids to leave the chest cavity and prevents pressure from increasing in the pleural space, in turn, preventing the development of a tension pneumothorax.

Guidelines issued by the United States Tactical Combat Casualty Care recommend that “all open and/or sucking chest wounds should be treated by immediately applying a vented chest seal to cover the defect. If a vented chest seal is not available, use a non-vented chest seal.”


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