Hemorrhage Control Products

SAM Medical hemorrhage control products are engineered to limit blood loss. Motor vehicle accidents, acts of violence and natural disasters often cause severe hemorrhaging which can result in death within minutes. Our bleeding control products aid in stabilizing the injured in such events.

SAM Medical tourniquets and personal bleeding control kits make it possible for one to quickly administer field treatment for injury stabilization. With these products, you can minimize massive blood loss and keep patients stable until they receive professional treatment.

Open wounds can lead to infection and severe blood loss if they don’t receive prompt treatment. EMS teams, tactical treatment personnel, and other medical professionals should keep our hemorrhage control products on hand. These emergency supplies facilitate treatment in any situation. Shop our wound care and bleeding control products to be prepared for emergencies.

Bleeding Control Kit

The SAM Medical Bleeding Control Kit includes essential medical devices designed to limit blood loss in emergency and traumatic situations. In an emergency, it is important to act fast and administer field treatment to stabilize injuries. Our kit contains the SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet, Medical Gloves, Medical Shears, Compressed Gauze, Permanent Marker, Emergency Bandage (6" wide), Instruction Card, allowing individuals to be prepared when emergencies arise.

ChitoSAM® 100

The ChitoSAM® 100 Product Family is a high-performance hemostatic dressing designed to stop moderate to severe bleeding fast. The nonwoven dressing is spun directly from chitosan which is derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. The dressings contain no cotton, rayon or polyester. ChitoSAM® is easy to use, extremely effective, and works independently of the body’s normal clotting processes.

SAM XT | Extremity Tourniquet

SAM XT is engineered to eliminate nearly all tourniquet slack, which is main cause of failed tourniquet application. SAM XT's TRUFORCE™ Buckle technology auto-locks at a predetermined amount of circumferential force, eliminating nearly all tourniquet slack. Simply click, twist, and secure for a life-preserving tourniquet application.

SAM® Junctional Tourniquet

SAM® Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) is designed to control hemorrhages and bleeding in inguinal or axilla areas. Where standard tourniquets may not be applicable, SJT can be applied in under 25 seconds, controlling bleeding and immobilizing pelvic fractures.


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